Win a Kilowatt Commuter Bike!

by Shea Gunther

In celebration of Earth Day 2010 this month, Resole America is giving each customer who places a resole order between today and May 31st, 2010 the opportunity to win a Kilowatt Commuter Electric Bike ($2,300 value).

The feeling you get from riding your bike to work is a good one. You did your part to save the planet and saved a little bit of gas . it’s too bad you’re sweating like LeBron James after three overtimes. Because biking to the office shouldn’t be so much work, our Commuter and its pedal assist technology allows you to make the trip no sweat. Pick the amount of help you want… a little, a lot or somewhere in between.

The Battery: The Protanium lithium magnesium battery fits unobtrusively under the rack and can be easily removed to make recharging a snap. Just lock up your bike, remove the battery and charge it at your desk. Also, the state-of-the-art design is fully charged in four hours and allows for three times more recharges than other battery types.

From today until May 31st, 2010 simply place an order for resoling or reconditioning on our website and use the code “kilowatt” in the promo code box at checkout to be automatically entered into the random drawing.

See all the specs and details @ Kilowatt Bikes

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