What do you do in your house? Shoes on or shoes off?

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I just read an interesting article over at Care2 about the joys of removing your shoes before entering a home. Author Melissa Breyer lays out five reasons for taking your shoes off at the door that include a new one to me- shoes have been found to track in pesticides applied to lawns and gardens.

An EPA study found that people and pets who walk on lawns treated with pesticides can pick up the chemicals for up to a week after they are applied. Our exposure to pesticides that we track into our homes can even be higher than those found on the most pesticide soaked fruits and vegetables.

What do you do in your home? Do you live in a shoes-off or shoes-on domicile? What do you do when you pull up to a friend’s house and find a sign asking you kindly to remove your shoes? Do you roll with it and rock your socks out or do you turn around to walk back to the car?

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nadia May 24, 2010 at 3:00 am

Shoes off in our house for both family and guests.We usually walk around in the house in slippers and when we sit down relax as a family we often kick the off and go barefoot. Not only does it keep the house clean, its also much more comfortable.

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