Rescue Boots in need of a resole? We’re giving away three for free

by Shea Gunther · 1 comment

We want to make sure we get some good stories about rescue boots in our new campaign, so we’re giving away three free resoles to anyone with rescue boots who participate in helping us tell our story. If you have rescue boots in need of resole and can commit to creating a short video showing both before and after you send them to us for repair, we’ll waive the cost of the resole (normally $90) AND pay you the content premium. If you create a short video, shoot before and after photos, and write a blog post, you can get a check for $60 mailed to you. See here for more details.

The videos don’t need to be fancy, just a simple video showing you sitting with your boots talking a bit about them and showing how they look before and after the resole will do. Shooting them with your camera phone or iPod would be perfectly acceptable as long as you can get the video up on YouTube.

To help get people motivated we’re giving a prize of $250 to whoever makes our favorite video through December 15th.

To claim one of the three free rescue boot resoles, please leave a comment here on this post with your name and email me at The first three to leave a comment and send me an email will win.


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