Photo Gallery: 21 photos of shoes slung up on power lines

by Shea Gunther

I, The Shoe

As a shoe am I,
Textured with flesh.
Worn where I lean,
Oft without polish,
But never unclean.

I rely on my sole to carry me through,
All of my other bits rely on it too.
It withstands the hardships of any weather,
Has taken its beatings more than the leather,
It remains unseen until I look,
Reassuringly there ‘neath each step that I took.

by Tina Louis

Here are 21 beautiful photographs of shoes caught up on power lines. Poor little guys.

Photo credits from Flickr: Michael W. May, Kahunapulej, Ed.ward, Onesevenone, Surat Lozowick, @Hella, Dave Elmore, Rich Anderson, Mfigrs, Don Hankin, EricMagnuson, Maveric 2003, Sea Turtle, Limonada, Kahunapulej, Huangjiahui, Halan, Limonada, Maveric2003, Soul Rider 222, Nathan Gibb, Rich Anderson, Andrew Deci,

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