Here’s why people are resoling their shoes with Resole America

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The craftsman and technicians at Resole America take a lot of pride in the shoes they resole, and for good reason- they do great work. They come into the shop every morning and work their magic to turn your well-worn shoes into better-than-new condition, returning them to your feet for a few more years of service. Over the years we’ve resoled more than 250,000 pairs of shoes with millions more ahead of us.

Some of our customers have been so happy with our work that they took the time to let us know how. Here are a few of our favorites.

River Rafting Guide Loves His Better-Than-New Chacos

Hey Resole America,

As a professional River Guide, there is nothing more important than having reliable sturdy footwear that gets excellent traction on wet surfaces. I’ve been a guide for 11 years here in Appalachia and I wore one single pair of Chaco Sandals for 10 of those years with great success. The sole finally wore though during Gauley River season in 2009. I sent these sandals in to RESOLE AMERICA skeptical about what kind of sole I would get back. I had to have a good sticky water sports sole on the bottom. I can’t believe I’m saying this but the resole job is better than the original sandal sole, and it is better than the new sole made by Chaco because I broke down and bought a new pair to use for the week these were out for sole replacement.

This was my second great experience with RESOLE AMERICA as they put soles on a pair of ASOLO 520 hiking boots in 2003 for me in the middle of an Appalachian Trail Hike.

These guys know what they are doing and do awesome work!!

– Aaron S.

Aaron (the guy in the white helmet commanding the raft in the photo above) is one of our favorite customers and is always up to something cool. You can follow him on Twitter and at his personal site at

After Awkward Break-in Period, New Birks Are “Something Better”

Dear Resole America,

I got my Birks yesterday, I have to say my initial reaction…..I didn’t like them…..not with the Vibram…too heavy, too stiff…they weren’t my Birks.  That’s exactly how I felt about Birks at first.  A buddy of mine was asking what I thought, all I could say was, they look like Birks, they are not Birks.

But tonight, they clicked, on a skateboard ride, pretty wild.  I always loved riding in Birkenstocks.  My board almost threw me yesterday.  Hard to explain, today I am totally digging them, but they are not Birks any more, something better.  You have made some 47 year old feet pretty happy.  I am looking fwd to wearing these soles out and doing it again.

See you in about 5 years!

The Vibram Izalco is the deal, feel free to use this as a reference.  I am pretty athletic in my Birks and this is what was missing.

—Tom A.

Thanks Tom! We’re really glad you stuck through the initial break-in period. Birkenstocks are like a good baseball glove- it takes a little bit of time for them to really settle in. We’re looking forward to seeing your Birks again Tom, have fun getting them ready for us!

Why throw out old shoes when you can mail them to Virginia?

Hi Resole America!

Here is an excerpt from an e-mail I just sent to a friend:

“Awoke groggily from my latest Reset at 4 this afternoon; Emma the border collie was explaining to someone through the door that they weren’t allowed to leave stuff without an Inspection. They left anyway. Turned out to be my favourite pair of MBTs, resoled and generally looking like new. You can actually throw an old pair of shoes in the mail to Virginia with some money and get results –better results, at first wearing at least, even than I got through Eneslow and ‘Swiss Masai’. Fancy!”

–Donald W.

That’s it exactly- you can put throw your old pair of shoes in the mail to Virginia along with a little money and get them back in better-than-new condition.

That’s the Resole America story. It’s that simple- we can take your favorite old shoes and make them better-than-new for cheaper than it costs to buy a new pair.

Can you help us tell our story? We’re paying customers to tell the story of their resole with Resole America. If you shoot a short video, take some pictures, and write a Facebook or blog post, we’ll send you a check for $60. If you just feel like taking some photos and posting to Facebook, we’ll pay you $20. You can find more details about how it all works over at Help Us Tell Our Story at

If you have a story to share about your resole with Resole America, please email them or the link where it’s posted to

Happy trails!

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