Hello World

by Shea Gunther

Hi internet! I’m Shea and this is the Resole America Blog, also known as just the Resole Blog.

Resole America is a very cool company started in 1997 that specializes in, you guessed it, resoling shoes. They do it well and they do it fast. And because they partnered up directly with companies like Birkenstock, Rockport, and Vasque, they use manufacturers’ original soles and parts.

They take pride in their craft and work really hard to get your shoes back to you in only eight to ten business days after they leave your hands.

Resole America founder and CEO John Bradley found me through a mutual friend- entrepreneur/real estate developer/green builder Nate Wieler, and asked me to come on to help get a blog going. John’s smart enough to know that they should be getting involved with social media but isn’t a blogger himself. Like any good leader would do, he reached out and found someone who is a blogger- me.

I have been paying my bills as a blogger for the past few years and currently cover renewable energy, climate change, and politics for the Mother Nature Network. I’m also hugely addicted to Twitter and probably use StumbleUpon too much. I’m passionate about the environment and online and social media and I like shoes a lot.

Here on the Resole Blog I’ll be writing about shoes of course, and all things resoling, but will also do my best to find interesting ways people are reusing, reducing, and recycling things- you know, the other three Rs. I will ask some of my green blogger friends (eco rockstars like Michael d’Estries of Ecorazzi, Starre Vartan of Ecochick, Karl Burkart of Planet Green, and Brian Clark Howard of The Daily Green) to swing by with an occasional guest post so you don’t sick of my byline.

We’re going to have fun here.

Onwards and upwards!

Photo credit: The Amanda/Flickr

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