Guest blogger Jaymi Heimbuch shares her love of Terra Plana shoes

by Shea Gunther

We’re starting a new feature here on the Resole Blog that will regularly publish guest posts written by some of the best bloggers found on the net. Our first guest blogger is my friend Jaymi Heimbuch, a writer at Treehugger and Planet Green who focuses on technology, gadgets, and water issues. You can follow Jaymi on Twitter and on Treehugger by subscribing to her RSS feed.

by Jaymi Heimbuch

Terra Plana is a shoe store for everyone if there ever was one. It manages to blend style with ethics and sustainability, and one of my favorite pairs of shoes happened to come from this very store. They’ve literally traveled the globe with me, and are the simplest, most comfortable, and most durable pair I’ve owned in a long while. And they’re adorable!

What’s wonderful about Terra Plana is their mission to seamlessly blend beautiful style, ergonomic design, longevity of the product and of course, ethical sourcing and production of the shoes themselves. By shrinking down materials used in the shoes, including using recycled materials, and creatively designing them so that they need little glue or sewing, the company pushes the envelope of sustainable fashion.

Check out this video of how one of their shoe designs “pops” together for minimal materials and manufacturing.

The company admits that the 100% sustainable shoe is still a long way off — a truly sustainable consumer product of any sort is nearly impossible — but they try hard with each new design to shrink our carbon footprints while improving our physical one.

Thanks Jaymi! If you ever need a resole you know who to talk to.

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