Former Australian Prime Minister John Howard is a shoe magnet

by Shea Gunther

John Howard, the former conservative Prime Minister of Australia, was promoting his new book on Q&A, a popular Aussie television show, when protester Peter Grey stood up and proceeded to hurl two shoes towards him and Q&A host Tony Jones. Both shoes landed wide of their intended target and the show continued after Grey was led out of the studio. Grey was upset about Australia’s participation in the Iraq war and shouted “That is for the Iraqi dead” while hurling his footwear, echoing Iraqi journalist Muntadar Al-Zaidi who threw his shoes at President George Bush during a press conference in 2008 to protest the U.S. occupation of Iraq.

Here’s video of the shoe throwing:

This isn’t Howard’s first run in with a shoe throwing protester- last year he was on the receiving end of another poorly thrown boot.

I’m all for protesting and speaking truth to power, but can’t we leave the shoes out of it? What happened to a good old fashion tomato?

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