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Phillipe Perakis is an ex-professional downhill mountain biker with lots of experience living out of the back of his car who has created a masterpiece of modular mobile living. His creation, the swissRoomBox, is an easy-to-install camping kit that comes in four boxes that swing, fold, detach, and recombine to form everything from a shower, to a full-on kitchen, shortie picnic table, and even a full-sized bed.

The video is pretty amazing.

Holy functionality Batman!

Here are some pictures of the swissRoomBox in action. It will be available for sale in October in Europe (word is that it will be shippable to the U.S.).

The swissRoomBox is REALLY easy to install in the back of a normal sized hatchback car.

The swissRoomBox is a great option for hikers and climbers

The kitchen swings right and provides an impressive amount of counter space as well as burners, plenty of storage, and even a sink.

When it’s time to call it a night and head to bed, the swissRoomBox folds down and coverts to a large sleeping platform.

The kitchen sink nozzle doubles as a showhead, a swing around curtain offers you privacy for a shower in the buff.

At lunchtime it’s a simple matter to construct chairs and a delightful little table

What a fantastic invention!