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Happy Memorial Day from everyone at Resole America! We give thanks to all the U.S. service members who have died while in service and to those currently serving.

Photo credit: Sroemerm/Flickr

We’d like to give a huge thanks to Resole America customer Rocky Beach for putting the time and effort into making this great video about getting his MBT shoes “saved” by us. His MBTs had served him well but after two years of daily travel they were worn down and in need of rescue.

Rocky went to, took a few minutes to print out a shipping label, sent his shoes to Resole America and had them back in better-than-new condition 8 to 10 business days later for way less than if he had bought a new pair (you can save a lot of money choosing to resole over buying new).

Rocky made the video as part of our Help Us Tell Our Story campaign which put $60 in his pocket for creating this video and shooting pictures showing his shoes before and after the resole to Facebook. If you have a pair of shoes that need saving and have the creative drive to document the process from your end, click over to our campaign page and learn how to get started.

Thanks Rocky!

Photo credit: A rocky beach in County Kerry, Ireland, Informatique/Flickr

Here’s why people are resoling their shoes with Resole America

Tweet The craftsman and technicians at Resole America take a lot of pride in the shoes they resole, and for good reason- they do great work. They come into the shop every morning and work their magic to turn your well-worn shoes into better-than-new condition, returning them to your feet for a few more years [...]

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Help Resole America tell our story and get paid

Tweet Resole America needs your help telling our story. We’re taking our marketing budget for the rest of the year and paying it back to our customers who help us tell the story of getting shoes resoled. If you take photos of your shoes before and after getting them resoled with us and post them [...]

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How John Bradley, president of Resole America, got into the shoe business

Tweet I asked John Bradley, the president and top dog at Resole America (seen above in this photo taken a few years ago with his daughter), to share the story of how he got into the shoe and resole business. The guy is a whirling dervish of entrepreneurial energy but graciously found time in his [...]

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A customer says thank you to Resole America

Tweet It’s really nice when people say nice things about you. Or in this case, when a customer says nice things about the resole job Resole America did on his Salomon running shoes. Here’s the letter that just hit my inbox. Dear Resole America, I am a fan of your company and your work product. [...]

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Leave a comment, win a free resole

Tweet To help celebrate the kickoff of the Resole Blog we’re going to give away one free resole with Resole America per week for the rest of the month. To enter into contention for the free resole, you just need to leave a comment on any one post here on the  Resole Blog. Each week [...]

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