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Update: We have ourselves some winners! Scroll down to see who won.

Tis the season!

The Resole Season that is.

September marks the beginning of Autumn, the return to school, and the pulling out of your sweaters from the drawer. It’s also a great time to finally resole that pair of shoes or boots that you’ve been meaning to get to. We all have them- the dress shoes that have danced at one too many weddings, the hiking boots that have climbed one too many ridges, and the sandals that have shuffled through one too many trips to the beach.

Resole America loves Resole Season, for obvious reasons, and wants to help spread the cheer by giving away three free resoles to our blog readers.

The people behind Resole America have been fixing shoes since the 70′s and the company itself has been hard at work since 1997. They’ll take your worn out footwear and breath new life back into it with a new pair of soles. You’ll get your shoes back to you in 8-10 business days after you drop them in the mail and they’ll be in better-than-new condition- they’ll have the fresh sole of a new shoe but will already be broken in to perfectly fit your foot.

How to Enter:
- Leave a comment here on this post answering this question: what has been your favorite pair of shoes? Are they the soccer cleats you wore when you won the high school championship? Or maybe the dance shoes from your 6th grade recital? Or the comfortable old sandals that shuffled you through college?

Spend a paragraph of text and tell us about your favorite pair of shoes in the comments here. I’ll select three winners from the first ten people who respond with a comment by rolling a ten-sided die three times (if I roll doubles I’ll roll again until I hit three unique numbers). The first person to respond will be assigned #1, the tenth to respond #10. I’ll choose a winner as soon as we get 10 comments.

Good luck!

Photo credit: Izik/Flickr

UPDATE: We have some winners!

Thanks to everyone who left a comment about their favorite pair of shoes, we have our first ten commenters. Here is the pool for the drawing:

#1- Angela K., #2- Tim H., #3- Josie S., #4- Ted Wissink, #5- West Rock, #6- Lindsay C., #7- Patrick H. Alvarez, #8- Lishster, #9- Alex M., #10- Andrew Bourgoin

I clicked over to and pulled out the numbers 1, 3, and 10, so congrats to Angela K., Josie S., and Andrew Bourgoin for winning! Each of you won a free resole or shoe conversion from To claim your prize, please email me at and I’ll get you started.

For the record, my favorite footwear are the Alps sandals that my grandfather bought for me when I was a teenager. I’ve had them for nearly twenty years now and they’re just as kickass now as they were then, if just a bit worn down. They are probably ready for a resole, now that I think of it.

We have a winnah!!!

We’re running a promotion all month to help get things going here at the Resole Blog- every week we’re giving away one free shoe resole or conversion to a random commenter. If you leave a comment on any post you’re automatically entered to win.

Last week, our first in publication, we saw a healthy flurry of comments and I’ve chosen a winner of the first free shoe resole or conversion.

There were 11 different comments left here on the Resole Blog last week. I just so happen to have a 12 sided die left over from my geeky teenage years and assigned a number to each of the comments. I decided to re-roll if 12 came up.

I got lucky the first roll as #9 came up, or as he’s better known in the real world, < ahref=””>’s Will Mallett!

Here’s the comment he left:

This is absolutely incredible. I was skeptical, but after seeing the basketball shoes and golf spikes with vibram soles, I’m absolutely soled… sorry. Subscribing to RSS now and excited to see what comes through the channel.

I love the terrible pun. Nicely done Will. :D

One thing we require of winners is to send us pictures of the shoes before and after they are sent off to so we’ll all get to follow along.

We’re at the beginning of a new week- leave a comment anytime on any post here on the Resole Blog this week and you could win a free shoe resole or conversion of your own.

So leave a comment- share your thoughts, give some feedback, tell a good joke.

Photo: Alcomm/Flickr

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