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Check out this beautiful shoe conversion. We took an old pair of Asics runners and turned them into a pair of street and trail ready kicks.



Before in the back, after in the front.

To see more photos swing over to this gallery.

To convert your own shoes, check out the Conversions page on Resole America.

Kudos to the folks at Aldo for sending a free pair of shoes to a guy who’s roommate’s dog ate one of this shoes. Consumerist reader Dan wrote to Aldo asking if he could buy a single shoe. Initially he was turned away but after he contacted two executives he was rewarded with a free pair of shoes.

He wrote:

“Hello ,my name is Daniel and I have been a long time user of your products. In fact I believe my last 4 shoe purchases have been from your store for both work, dress, and casual shoes. I’ve always enjoyed both the comfort and durability of your product. Unfortunately, my roommate’s dog recently decided to put the durability aspect to the test.

What I am left with is one perfectly fine size 44 Broxterman (Black Miscellaneous), and one new chew toy for the dog (the right shoe was the one that did not survive).
I was wondering if there is any way for me to purchase a replacement shoe for the set? The pair was about 2 months old and I would definitely be willing to pay for the replacement shoe if necessary. My hope is to not have to pay for an entire pair.

I appreciate any help you can offer me in regards to this, and I will definitely continue to do business with your company either way.”

Not too long after he came home to find a new pair of shoes in the mail. That’s great customer service!

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Happy Memorial Day from Resole America

Tweet Happy Memorial Day from everyone at Resole America! We give thanks to all the U.S. service members who have died while in service and to those currently serving. Photo credit: Sroemerm/Flickr

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The magic of resoling a pair of MBT shoes

Tweet One of the beautiful things about our work at Resole America is that we get to give good shoes a second chance at life. It’s fun to take a pair of well-worn sneakers, sandals, boot, or shoes and work some magic to transform them into better-than-new shape. As the saying goes, a picture is [...]

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NYC subway rider licks shoe, other riders yawn

Tweet It takes a lot to phase New Yorkers. The internet has been abuzz all morning with a video of a man enthusiastically licking his shoe while riding on a New York subway. The most remarkable thing about the video (besides the obvious fact that the dude is licking his shoe) is how nonchalant his [...]

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Wearing golf shoes off the course?

Tweet There’s an interesting article in the New York Times about a photograph of President Obama wearing his spiked golf shoes while walking on the sidewalk to the Oval Office. The photograph was taken a few hours before Obama announced the killing of Osama bin Laden and Times writer Bill Pennington points out that people [...]

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We have a winner in our Help Us Tell Our Story video contest!

Tweet The votes are in, the ballots have been tallied, and the marks counted and we’re proud to announce that we have a winner in our Help Us Tell Our Story video contest! Last month we asked our customers to help us tell the story of resoling their shoes with Resole America in the form [...]

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