Another great video from a happy customer

by Shea Gunther

We’d like to give a huge thanks to Resole America customer Rocky Beach for putting the time and effort into making this great video about getting his MBT shoes “saved” by us. His MBTs had served him well but after two years of daily travel they were worn down and in need of rescue.

Rocky went to, took a few minutes to print out a shipping label, sent his shoes to Resole America and had them back in better-than-new condition 8 to 10 business days later for way less than if he had bought a new pair (you can save a lot of money choosing to resole over buying new).

Rocky made the video as part of our Help Us Tell Our Story campaign which put $60 in his pocket for creating this video and shooting pictures showing his shoes before and after the resole to Facebook. If you have a pair of shoes that need saving and have the creative drive to document the process from your end, click over to our campaign page and learn how to get started.

Thanks Rocky!

Photo credit: A rocky beach in County Kerry, Ireland, Informatique/Flickr

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