About Resole America

Resole America was founded in 1997 with two clear objectives:

  • To resole shoes and boots remarkably well, and
  • To do it quickly and conveniently.

When you send your shoes to Resole America, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.  You can rest assured that your shoes will be restored back to excellent condition, and that you will receive them within 8 – 10 business days.

The 3 step process couldn’t be more convenient.

  • Browse from our list of shoes and styles to find your match.
  • Box them up and ship them yourself OR Request a UPS Shipping Label* (You will need your own box)

UPS is our preferred method due to guaranteed & lower prices, enhanced service & trackability.

UPS© Returns on the Web (ROW), Offers efficiency and ease of use for our customer’s. It allows our customers to make a return request and create a return label on our Web site. With Returns on the Web, our customers can also request a UPS pick-up or find a convenient drop-off location.

If you want the ultimate service level and are ready to get your shoes/boots on their way today, print the UPS label and put them in a shoe box, tape the label to the box, and click the “Find Nearest UPS provider”, and you will quickly have them back where they belong: on your feet.

If you Don’t have a box, you can fill out our UPS Envelope Request form, and we’ll send you an envelope right away!

  • In about 8 – 10 business days, your favorite shoes will arrive in the mail.

If you have a pair of shoes or boots that are in need of resoling or repair, Resole America is by far the simplest option.
Using either the regular or large envelopes (rather than a box with the Merchandise Return Label affixed) will help you avoid additional shipping charges that may result from heavier packaging.

Head to the Resole America website now!