A customer says thank you to Resole America

by Shea Gunther

It’s really nice when people say nice things about you. Or in this case, when a customer says nice things about the resole job Resole America did on his Salomon running shoes. Here’s the letter that just hit my inbox.

Dear Resole America,

I am a fan of your company and your work product.  Years ago I had a pair of beloved pair of Clarks desert boots resoled and was pleased that these shoes were given a new lease on life.

To keep in shape my wife and I walk up hill to Bernal Heights Park in San Francisco with our dog Minnie.  These walks happen at 6:00AM and then again after work at 6:00PM schedule permitting.  Usually I put in about ten of these two to three mile plus jaunts per week.  As a result I go through a few pair of trainer shoes.

Since I’ve had two incidences of plantar faciatis resulting from hiking and backpacking I am now very picky about what shoes I wear to train.  After long trial and error I find that Salomon shoes work out best for me.  They look good, have great arch support, have a unique fast lacing system, and the uppers are sturdy and well stitched.  The Salomon trainers I use costs @ $120 retail and can be found on sale at $95 if you are lucky.  Not cheap.

It was when my perfectly good eight month old Salomon trainers needed a new sole that I remembered my positive experience with Resole America.  I went to your web site and shortly discovered that Salomon was not on your re-sole list.  Bummer.  That’s when I called and was put in touch with John Bradley.

Mr. Bradley listened patiently to my story.  He acknowledged that Resole America did not offer resoling on my shoes, but he asked me to copy and send him information about them.  The next week I checked back with John and he enthusiastically invited me to send my Salomons in for a trial re-sole.  Within days a mail-it bag arrived and I sent them in to your company.

Days later my re-soled shoes arrived and I was pleased with their good-as-new look.  But the proof would be in how the shoes felt on long training walks and jogs.  It has been a couple of months now and I can report that these shoes may even be better than new.  The re-soles are lightweight and sturdy without being too hard or too soft.  And — this is an extra I had not anticipated — an annoying squeak has been eliminated!

All in all I could not have asked for a better outcome.  A big ‘hat’s off’ and thank you to John Bradley and Resole America!  You guys are problem solvers.

Yours Truly,

John C.

Thanks for taking the time to write this letter John. We appreciate your business and hope you think of us again when it’s time for a new resole. Happy trails!

Photo credit: MBsurf/Flickr

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